How many days in advance can an order be booked

We take orders ranging from 1 month to last 2 days in advance. Online booking is not present, so order has to be booked by calling nearest branch. Phone numbers given here: Contact-us

Step-1 : Select your Nearest State-District- Branch
Step-2 : After Wedding Saree is selected, check what poolajada design suits your wedding saree and jewellery.
Step-3: Send enquiry to nearest branch or call nearest branch and place order

Note: Prices are fixed.

What all products are available

Pooladandalu Products:

• Fresh flower poolajadalu
• Artificial flower poolajadalu
• Flower jewellery for mehendi
• Beads jada
• Kobbari bondam
• Garigamuntha
• Fresh flower garlands
• Karpuram & Elaichi garlands
• Muthyala Pandiri
• Cloth and Floral Addutera
• Ungarala bindi
• Flower based gifts for events
• Navaratnala Talambralu
• All bride essentials

What flowers are used

Roses, jasmine and orchids are the most common flowers
Red, Hot Pink, Baby pink, Yellow, peach, orange & violet natural colors along with coated colors of green and blue

Do you come to Mandap/ Venue and arrange jada

Poolajada Netted/ single-piece / billa jada, any type of jada is provided with black threads. These threads can be directly tied to hair/ hair extension, and its really easy, which can be done by friends/ relatives.

If a make-up artist is hired, then makeup artist/ beautician does the poolajada tying.

Which places can you deliver freshflower poolajada

Fresh flower Poolajada and flower jewellery can be ordered from our local branches present over Andhra Pradesh and Tamilnadu.

Please check detailed branch list and phone numbers here: Contact-us

Can we see samples when we visit your store

No,we don’t keep fresh flower samples with us. we will show you pictures of jada. Artificial flower samples are present all the time in all the stores

How long does poolajada stay fresh?

1.Jasmine withers faster compared to Rose petals
2. Red Rose veni and Violet Orchid veni stay fresh for longer
3. Pink, peach and Yellow venis edges get black due to moisture absorption and that’s normal
4. Orange flowers are light orange in color
5. Blue and Green are natural flowers colored with artificial dye which doesn’t stick to hair
6. Poolajada stays maximum of 6-8 hrs fresh after wearing in Air conditioned function hall

Storage Instructions after recieving poolajada

1. Store fresh flower poolajada box in refrigerator crisper (where vegetables are stored) not in **freezer (where ice is made)
2. Some fresh flower Poolajada stays fresh for maximum 3 days if refrigerated under 10-20 Deg C, but we recommend you use it as soon as possible

Do you also do make-up?

No, we don’t provide make-up

Do you provide jada with hair extension?

No , We give flowers on a base. If you want us to give jada directly on hair extension, you have to pay an extra amount of 400/- for savaram jadakuppulu set. Poojada will be arranged directly on that savaram

Please give an example

Your Wedding date: May 2nd, time 10.30 PM
Please call us/ visit our Pellipoolajada branch 2-3 weeks in advance, that’s from April 10 to April 25.
Pay advance of 60% or Full price.
Poola Jada will be prepared on May 2nd, Morning and you can collect it from the branch where you ordered on May 2nd- 2PM to 5PM or we send your order throught ANL Services.

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